‘Botched’ Patient Can’t Close Mouth but Still Wants Bigger Lips

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Jonathan visited the surgeons of Botched because his usual plastic surgeon has refused to put any more fillers into his lips. Jonathan’s goal is to have the biggest lips in the room because it helps him look fake, which is apparently better than looking “basic.”

Jonathan’s lips are so full of fillers that he has no feeling in them, but despite that he says, “They’re just not big enough yet and I don’t know why [people] keep telling me that they’re so big, ’cause I honestly don’t think they’re big.”

Jonathon’s doctor in his hometown of Vancouver said that it’s too dangerous to have bigger lips but Jonathan contends, “I know it’s not dangerous. I’ve seen people with bigger lips before.”

When he met with Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif, they knew almost immediately they weren’t going to put any fillers in his mouth. They even warned him that he is dangerously close to having tissue necrosis and losing his lips permanently.

But the doctors words fell on deaf ears as Jonathan said, “To be honest, it doesn’t really scare me much. I think I’m still gonna keep going and get them bigger.”

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