'Born to Make Sumitra Victorious': Rival of Former LS Speaker, Vijayvargiya's Remark Hints at Rift in MP BJP

Vivek Trivedi
·2-min read

A long time detractor of former Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan, BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya on Thursday offered a cryptic remark at a poll rally in Burhanpur, prompting Congress party to attack the BJP.

Vijayvargiya’s political rivalry with Sumitra Mahajan is an open secret in Indore region and due to this, the BJP had remained a bifurcated unit in the region for years.

In a rally held in the BJP candidate Sumitra Kasdekar in Nepanagar in Burhanpur, Vijayvargiya in his address in a satirical laugh said, “Not once or twice, we have made Sumitra Taai (Mahajan) victorious eight times in Indore and we will now make Sumitra Taai (Kasdekar) victorious here, it seems I am born to make Sumitra victorious.”

However, political observers also were quick to interpret the statement with Vijayvargiya’s disappointment with the party.

To add, a few years ago, Vijayvargiya was appointed as party national general secretary and it was seen as a move to keep him away from MP. He had to sacrifice his own ticket from Mhow to field his son Akash from Indore-3 constituency and when BJP returned to power, both his son Akash and close aide Ramesh Mendola were snubbed during cabinet formation.

To top it all, as Sumitra Mahajan has almost retired from active politics, Vijayvargiya was upset that his old adversary Jyotiraditya Scindia and his close aide from Indore –Tulsi Silawat, landed in BJP to throw his equations out of gear.

RP Singh, the Congress spokesperson on Vijayvargiya’s remarks said that he (Vijayvargiya) had a long face off with Mahajan and when she retired, Scindia and Tulsi Silawat joined BJP to make things tough for him. He was side-lined in MP BJP and central leadership has offered him an uphill task (Bengal in charge), so it was his pain which translated into his words, added Singh.

To add, Sumitra Mahajan was denied ticket in Lok Sabha polls in 2019.

Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Durgesh Keswani refuted these allegations saying Vijayvargiya like other senior leaders of the party carries sentiments of being a party worker and said things as a party worker in Nepanagar campaigning. The senior leader quoted the Indore polls of Mahajan to make a connect to the local voters, Keswani claimed.