Boris Johnson's Sister Rachel Defends Lockdown Journeys Between Her Two Residences

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's sister Rachel Johnson has defended journeys between her two residences during the coronavirus lockdown because she is classified a key worker as a journalist.

The 54-year-old radio host is currently based in Somerset but drives up around 150 miles (241 km) to London regularly for her show with LBC Radio.

According to 'The Sunday Mirror', Rachel would be seen as breaking lockdown rules as she sometimes then stays behind in her London home with her sons.

"In line with the majority of broadcasters she is afforded key worker status," a spokesperson for Rachel told the newspaper.

"The show finishes at 7 pm. As it's a four-hour journey back, she sometimes stays over. In line with the guidance, she makes a concerted effort to stay alert at all times," the spokesperson said.

The newspaper report of Johnson's sister's alleged breach comes days after the UK PM's top aide Dominic Cummings dominated the headlines for a 260-mile (418 km) drive from his London home to his father's farm in Durham at the peak of the lockdown at the end of March.

Local Durham Police have since conducted an investigation into the issue and concluded that he did not commit a legal offence with that drive and termed a second shorter drive as a "minor breach".

Downing Street said the UK PM, who had defended his Chief Strategy Adviser's actions as reasonable given his childcare requirements, considers the matter closed after the police probe.

"It doesn't look good for anyone. First his friend Dom and now his sister have been caught bending the rules, if not breaking them," the 'Mirror' quoted a government source as saying, as part of a report which included pictures of Rachel Johnson returning to her London residence after a round of tennis.