Boris Johnson mocked for pronunciation of 'vegan' as he calls veganism a 'crime against cheese lovers'

Bonnie Christian

Boris Johnson has been mocked for his pronunciation of the word 'vegan' after he said veganism was a “crime against cheese lovers” and “takes so much concentration”.

The Prime Minister told BBC Breakfast he would not be taking part in Veganuary - where participants eat a plant-based diet for the month - because it requires too much thought.

Dan Walker asked Mr Johnson about his 2020 New Year's resolution to lose weight and asked if he would be doing Veganuary.

He responded: “No, I’m not, no I’m not. I had thought of it - but it requires so much concentration.”

He continued: “I do take my hat off to vegans who can handle it, who can manage to avoid non-vegan products.”

Boris Johnson was mocked for his pronunciation of the word 'vegan' (PA)

Mr Walker asked the prime minister whether it was because he would miss bacon sandwiches, to which he replied: “The whole lot”.

He added: “You can’t eat cheese can you? You can’t eat cheese if you’re a vegan?”

As Mr Johnson began to say: “It’s just a crime against,” Mr Walker interjected: “against cheese lovers?”

The PM agreed: “A crime against cheese lovers.”

The exchange followed a half hour interview in which Mr Johnson discussed the Royal Family crisis and tensions in Iran.

But, it was his pronunciation of the word ‘vegan’ - which he sometimes said as 'vee-gan', as if it rhymed with the word ‘began’ - that drew much of the attention online.

One person wrote: “Although a good interview, Best bit of this has been how #BorisJohnson pronounced vegan (ve-gan)!”

Another added: “The way Boris Johnson says Vegan makes me giggle. 'Vee-gan' like an alien species.

"He's also only just found out the vee-gans don't eat cheese.”

One person likened it to a Sci-Fi film race: “What’s a “Vee Gan” @BorisJohnson? The vegan part of Veganuary’s portmanteau isn’t pronounced like that!

“‘The Vee Gan race were at space war with the Klingons deep in the fifth star quadrant’”.

While another said: “Boris Johnson pronounces Vegan so weirdly! Vee-gaaaaan?”.