Boredom During Lockdown is Pushing More People Towards Online Shopping

Dealing with boredom while being locked down in your house during these trying and unpredictable times can be stressful.

Even though people have ways of dealing in such situations, one of the common activities that is helping people feel better these days is online shopping.

According to Anthony P. DeMaria, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, and director of adult ambulatory psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Morningside and West Hospitals in New York, the trigger to online shopping is boredom.

On the psychological front, quite a few people during this time are feeling a loss of control and shopping is one of the ways in which they are coping with it. Basically, online shopping introduces a sense of agency and volitional behaviour in an otherwise non-autonomous life. As a result, it usually ends up making people feel better and happier.

Anthony P told Mashable, “Some volitional behaviour that they feel in control over, including things like sprucing up a wardrobe or making their home environment look the way they want to, or purchasing new items can provide some sense of control over their own environment, some sense of control over their own lives”.

Furthermore, he also stressed upon the aspect wherein shopping, in particular, can act like an exercise that involves wish fulfilment even if there is no clue about how things may pan out in the future.