Borat 2: Victim of film's shocking prank reveals reaction – 'I walked out with my mouth agape'

Jacob Stolworthy
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 (Amazon Prime Video)
(Amazon Prime Video)

A man who was present for one of Borat 2’s most shocking scenes has spoken out.

The sequel has become one of the most talked about topics since its release on Amazon Prime Video on 23 October.

In one of the film's most eyebrow-raising scenes, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat and his 15-year-old daughter, Tutar (Maria Bakalova), attend a debutante ball in Macon, Georgia, disguised as Phillip Drummond III and Sandra Jessica Parker Drummond.

The formal ceremony requires each father-daughter pairing to share a dance and, Baron Cohen and Bakalova’s characters end up performing what they call a “moon blood” dance.

Davis, who is a local reporter, recounted his experience of the event on a Monroe county website, writing: “They began dancing side by side in sync when suddenly the ‘daughter’ lifted her hoop skirt, gyrating and revealing no underwear.” 

“That’s when all of us who were sober marched to the checkout desk, demanded our phones back and hit the road,” he added.

“My precious daughter and I walked out into the cool Macon night with mouths agape wondering what had just happened.”

Davis later found out it was a Baron Cohen prank, writing: “[His] modus operandi seems to be trying to embarrass and shock southern conservative audiences on film. Of course our cotillion friends, having been hoo-dooed into hosting the charade, were humiliated and apologetic.”

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

He continued: “I have no real problem with Borat getting a laugh at our expense. I find some of his stuff pretty funny. I will laugh a lot harder if we get the last laugh on [election night].”

Since the film’s release, some of its subjects have spoken out about their appearance, with Instagram “influencer” Macey Chanel saying she’s had a “super difficult time”.

It was also revealed that Baron Cohen revealed his real identity “for the first time” after his scene with Holocaust survivor, Judith Dim Evans.

Find out what Baron Cohen’s prank victims have said about being tricked in the new film here.

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