Boost to India-US relationship; US Prez Joe Biden's administration bats for stronger military ties

It is a big boost for India-US ties because of a statement made by the United States and it seems that the Biden administration is looking at deepening its military and technical cooperation with India by not only providing arms and equipment but also helping New Delhi develop its own Defence Industrial base. A senior Pentagon official had told this to the lawmakers about the military ties with India ahead of the quad summit and the US Defence Secretary's visit to India.

Times Now's Srinjoy Chowdhury reports; the US Defence Secretary is going to be here on the 20th of March and he is also going to be visiting Japan, South Korea. The Defence Secretary is coming to India just 2 months after being appointed and the Biden administration is particularly making it very clear that as far as China is concerned it is going to stand very firm. Watch the video to know more!