Book Review: Sahar Gharachorlou’s ‘Twice Born’ Is Something We All Need to Read This Year


They call spirituality a subject that will always remain least explored by mankind. They also see spirituality as a topic only as clichéd as any modern-day trend; diving deep to gain a full understanding of the alchemy of the human mind, body and spirit have never remained every modern-day spirituality enthusiast’s cup of tea. They give up too easily, often due to the lack of understanding or the lack of will to know. The ones who step into the ocean, never claim much about the wisdom they receive but always remain willing to create a positive change into people’s lives.  One such change-maker is Sahar Gharachorlou, a modern-day spiritual coach and author of the book ‘Twice Born’.

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Sahar begins her book by explaining how a traumatic incident related to her troubled marriage becomes a catalyst for her spiritual awakening and how extreme pain and trauma leads to the discovery of her spiritual self. During the period of intense hardship, the author witnesses ‘divine intervention’ or a series of positive events that lead her towards discovering her higher purpose. She goes through multiple ‘Past Life Regression’ sessions and figures out the root cause of her pain.

As she goes ‘back to her past, to discover her present’ she also finds many incredible mentors, her soul sister and spirit guides in the process. Her search for truth intensifies as she steps into the world of energy and healing. The author has also detailed her views on spirituality in general and on religion. She draws comparisons between the two only to weigh spirituality as one’s ultimate religion. On the other hand, she also brings forth the knowledge about modern-day spiritual gurus dragging people into cult practices with an ulterior motive of destroying their spirits and earning money. The next few chapters detail the workings of the universe, karma, functioning of the mind, and energy. The author vividly pens down on how some of her clients who had gone through painful incidents, experienced recovery after receiving the ‘Past Life Regression’ and other energy healing sessions from her.

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In the remaining half of the book, Sahar presents various analogies about conscious and unconscious thinking. She also describes the journey of the human soul and how spiritual awakening is largely misunderstood by society. Once awakening begins, there is often no turning back to the old self, writes the author. In many instances in the book, conclusions have been drawn by creating a perfect balance between ‘how science sees it’ and ‘how the spirit knows it’.

The author has vividly described the darkest spiritual tales from her life only to leave the readers with lessons of resilience. Many times in the book, the emphasis has been laid on getting into self-awareness by practice and observation. Sahar has put a value on ‘staying in the now’ as the best way of leading a human life. Through the power and simplicity of her words, the author makes one easily grasp the mind-soul analogy. The concepts of meditation, forgiveness, and love are beautifully uncovered in the last few chapters of the book. Prayer and gratitude have been described as the keys to abundance and bliss. The author through her own journey has inspired the readers to dive into their higher selves by remaining aware of the functioning of mind and body.

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