Book Review: Just out

Book: The Barabanki Narcos: Busting India's Most Notorious Drug Cartel

Author: Aloke Lal

Publisher: Hachette India

In the small, backward district, known for little other than its opium production and smuggling rackets, Lal finds himself in the middle of a web of crime run by a drug mafia whose endless supply of black money appears to have bought out local politicians, district officials and influenced higher rungs of power.

Book: Kidney Transplants and Scams: India’s Troublesome Legacy

Author: Dr Ramesh Kumar

Publisher: Vitasta Sage Select

The book reveals the stark reality of kidney scams since 1980s till date in India. It describes a chronological development of profile of kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplantation since 1973. It exposes the countrywide malpractice and exploitation of the poor.

Book: Words in Verses

Author: Aryan Kaushal

Publisher: Notion Press

The book is inspired by simple happenings the 12 year old author noticed around him and things he wishes could be true. A compilation of 42 poems, that touch upon

topics like Artificial Intelligence, importance of going green, every day happenings and a summarised version of the entire Harry Potter series all through his poetic verses.

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