Bombay High Court Tells YouTuber 'Bearded Chokra' to Remove Online Review of Parachute Coconut Oil

Team Latestly

Mumbai, January 16: The Bombay High Court recently ruled against a YouTube creator who criticised a prominent brand of coconut oil online. According to a Bar and Bench report, in a landmark judgment, the High Court said social media influencers do impact the lives of people who watch their content. Therefore, it is also their responsibility to ensure that the content which they are publishing is not harmful or offensive

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The High Court directed the Video BloggerAbhijeet Bhansali, who goes by the name Bearded Chokra, to remove an online video which contained alleged defamatory and disparaging remarks about Parachute Oilof brand Marico until further orders from his YouTube channel and other websites. In the video, the vlogger recommends people not to buy the oil. YouTuber Tyler Oliveira Uses 10 Lakh Paper Towels to Soak Pool, Gets Criticised For Wasting Resources (Watch Video).

The video is still there on his Youtube channel. You can check it below:

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Marico Limited had filed a petition seeking removal of the videos by defendant video blogger and special damages on allegations that the videos contained disparaging and denigrating remarks about the brand. The brand further wanted Bhansali to stop uploading any such videos in the future. However, the Court refused to accept Marico's demand and said that whether there is an issue with any of the videos uploaded by Bhansali in future, will have to be dealt with on their own merit.