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Johnny Walker:

Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi was born into hardships, as the second among ten children. In his early years, he struggled doing odd jobs, and found work as a conductor with the Bombay Electric Supply and Transport (B.E.S.T). There, he nurtured his dreams of acting, by entertaining passengers. His life turned around after actor Balraj Sahni spotted him performing one of his comedy acts, and recommended him to Guru Dutt. He was offered a role in the 1951 film Baazi, by Dutt who named him Johnny Walker as a tribute to his performance as a drunkard. Johnny Walker went on to become one of India’s first and finest comedy actors. His association with Dutt lasted throughout his career and he kept the audience in splits in films such as C.I.D (1956), Pyaasa (1957), Chori Chori (1956) and Mere Mehboob (1963). Walker was, however, clear that he would only perform comedy roles which families could sit through, and opted out of the more cruder forms of comedy. Walker’s last film was the 1997 Kamal Hassan, Tabu starrer, Chachi 420.

Bollywood's most acclaimed, hilarious comedians

It may be easy to make people cry, but getting people to laugh out loud is no mean feat – and that is why doing comedy and getting to be known as amongst the best comedians in the industry, is a huge achievement.

Known for their impeccable comic timing, classic dialogue delivery and inimitable mannerisms, these comedians have made us roll around laughing. However, today, with stars often taking on comic shades in their characters, the role of the classic comedian with subplots revolving around them, is diminishing.

Let us take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the most acclaimed comedians of Bollywood. Do let us know who your favourites are.