Bollywood trends: Suits Redefined

Being powerful works better with looking powerful too. While power suits have always been in style, they have returned in fashion as smart suits. Designer Joseph Altuzarra has designed smart suit options for women in his pre-fall 2019 collection while labels like Proenza Schouler, Argent, Mango and Givenchy too have come out with tailored sets.

One can certainly state that smart suits are a perfect fashion choice for today’s woman. Akshra Dalal, Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, rightly states, “Unlike the ’80s where women carried suits to overcome a male dominated environment, females today are redefining suits in their own style. Smart suiting has become an ultimate plaything for fashion designers and consumers worldwide. By judging the runways, this season’s suits are not just corporate or sombre but are set to grab attention by being experimental. The trend is here to stay as it offers a variety of styles like vivid shades, heritage checks, oversized proportions or outré embellishments and thus suits everyone.”

Designer Vinny Khurana, Creative Director, Vinny Khurana Couture thinks smart suits always meant power play for the ladies. “Even though the smart suit is all about making a statement, these days it is the most practical outfit for the professional workplaces. The perfect blend of utmost comfort and creative styling has made such smart suits a perfect trendy option for women.”

Celebs of all kinds are seen in smart suits, apart from it being patronised in the fashion world. Vinny states, “Gone are the days when such suits were seen only on men. With the rise of modernisation, smart suits have been adopted perfectly to embrace women’s bodies and their lives. Without a doubt, every other day we witness such designs in the fashion world especially celebrities spotted these days are crazy about such smart suits. Recently, I saw Sonam Kapoor wearing a phenomenal blue denim smart suit which she was nailing.”

Akshra reveals the trouser suit being the big trend right at the moment, with celebs from Victoria Beckham and Michelle Obama to Emma Willis seen donning it. “Blake Lively’s choice to go for contrasting colours and big patterns was a unique approach in itself. Also Meghan Markle’s tailored black trouser suit was effortlessly glamorous.”

Suit up!

If you want to be seen in smart suits stylishly, just follow these tips. For a casual take, Akshra suggests styling the suit with a tee and sneakers making it structured yet breathable. “A cropped pair of trousers makes way for a more playful shoe opportunity. For a suiting look outside the office, try a cropped top instead of a blouse. For a fall & winter ensemble, it can also be layered over a turtleneck. From day to night and work to weekend brunch, a matching blazer-and-trouser outfit always looks sharp.”

Smart suits these days, Vinny reveals, rule every occasion. “You will come across mix and match sets - the blazer with skinny jeans, crop tops. You will see many wearing the suits formally in offices. Some even wear it with long skirts and blazers with tank tops. You will notice amazing styles introduced by fashion influencers each and every day.”

In terms of accessorising these smart suits, too much of jewellery is not needed, according the Vinny. “However, pearl earrings look very stylish with such suits. Just remember to avoid anything too dangly or large. After all, your jewellery must give your smart suit a touch of class, sophistication and femininity. Along with it, a smart bag with classy footwear will do the needful in bringing out your glamorous yet chic look.”

As per Akshra’s advice, fanny packs and handbags in contrasting shades would pump up the ensemble’s look. “One can also opt for a belted blazer jacket or a waist belt as a separate for an hourglass silhouette. Simple strappy heels, and dainty gold jewellery will never disappoint.”

There is something about smart suits that make women feel special. Akshra responds, “Sleek, simple, and, most significantly, practical, the rise of the female suit signalled a cultural shift — enabling women to participate in what previously was a ‘Man’s World’. The attire now stands as a symbol of not just empowerment but also as a celebration of creative freedom.”

To quote Vinny, smart suits equal to power and confidence that they own in workplaces. “There is no denying that these smart suits stand for their style sense as well as reflecting their perfect fashion quotient. But along with that, such suits for women represent their elevated class and position in society especially in this modern era.”

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