Bollywood Cousins – Friends or Foes?

When a real sibling relationship can go sour in this glamour world (read Ameesha & Ashmit Patel), where do cousins really stand?

 Do they get caught up in all the competition and number 1 race or do they manage to rise above that and help and support each other whenever the need be. Let’s check out some of the most famous Bollywood cousins at the moment.

1. Priyanka & Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood Cousins – Friends or Foes?

Parineeti is one of the newest entrants in Bollywood and has managed to win almost all the best newcomer awards there are and rightly so. And with her 2nd release in the offing, which looks as promising as her debut act, does elder cousin Priyanka feel threatened? Well going by the recent award shows and their other public appearances, it certainly doesn’t seem so. Parineeti has mentioned time and again that Priyanka is like her godfather and she takes her advice on almost everything. In return Priyanka has gone around saying that she is really proud of her younger sister. Well now that Priyanka has managed to anger most of the industry, will she still not get affected by Parineeti’s success? That’s for all of us to see.

2. Pooja Bhatt & Emraan Hashmi

Bollywood Cousins – Friends or Foes?

Pooja & Emraan share a very cordial relationship and though not extremely close, are always there whenever either needs the other. Imraan has been a staple hero of the Bhatt camp and has given several hits under the banner which goes on to show that there isn’t any animosity between the two cousins.

3. Ranbir & Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood Cousins – Friends or Foes?

This is one cousin duo that has managed to change the course of their relationship. Reportedly, the cousins were not close and couldn’t really see eye to eye, but, the stupendous success that Ranbir Kapoor has been enjoying has made Kareena come out and support her brother. However, she feels disappointed that she misses out on the opportunity to act as a leading lady opposite him. Their relationship can be described as cordial at best.

4. Abhay, Sunny & Bobby Deol

Bollywood Cousins – Friends or Foes?

Sunny & Bobby had already made their debuts long before Abhay came into the picture. And when he debuted with Socha Na Tha people obviously started the comparisons. Everybody was surprised to see that he wasn’t a typical Deol boy what with his dimples, sweet smile & a little softer side. Although he made his debut under the Deol production house, he refused to take any favours from them after the first outing and decided to carve out a niche for himself with different roles. This cousin relationship is neither friendly nor filled with animosity. It just is!

5. Sonam & Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood Cousins – Friends or Foes?

Arjun is the newest addition to this cousin list. He is making his debut with 'Ishaqzaade' opposite Parineeti, (another star cousin) and has already started getting rave reviews. He was taken under the aegis of Salman Khan and was personally trained by him to become an actor. Well going by the previous list of people Salman has mentored, he sure is someone to look out for. Sonam hasn’t been too successful in terms of her acting career but has made enough waves for her fashion sense and has become somewhat of a youth fashion icon. And going by the talk in tinsel town, these cousins are pretty close and hang out together all the time.

In Bollywood, where true friendships are hard to come by, maybe these cousins should keep their relationship alive and not let trivial issues spoil the camaraderie because as they say, ‘Blood is thicker than water’. Touché to that!

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