Bolivia's interim govt to file case at ICC against Morales over 'crimes against humanity'

Sucre [Bolivia], Dec 1 (ANI): Bolivia's interim government is contemplating to file a case in The Hague against former President Evo Morales for "crimes against humanity".

The government will file the lawsuit at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague in the next few days, the interior minister Arturo Murillo said, Bolivia's local news reported.

This move comes after Murillo filed a criminal case in Bolivia accusing Morales of sedition and terrorism.

Murillo showed reporters a video clip of Morales allegedly giving instructions to instigate recent protests against the interim government.

Murillo went on to claim that the proposed unrest might lead to blocked roads and therefore result in disrupted food deliveries to Bolivia's cities. Morales, in turn, said the video clip, which the authorities used in their lawsuit against him, had been edited, Sputnik reported.

"The evidence is obvious, we have presented it. Juan Ramon Quintana [the former head of the president's administration] stated that he intended to turn Bolivia into Vietnam, and he is attempting to do it ... The video shows evidence against Evo Morales. You can clearly hear on the recording that he calls for the killing of civilians and laying siege to the city", Murillo said during a press conference which was broadcast by Bolivia TV channel.

The International Criminal Court sitting in The Hague has jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile, Interim Bolivian President Jeanine Anez will meet with opposition groups on Sunday to "bring peace to the country" after weeks of deadly political clashes.

Morales fled Bolivia earlier in November amid violent protests against the results of a presidential election, in which he secured his fourth term in office. Opposition lawmaker Jeanine Anez then took over as interim president with Morales later characterising the situation as a coup.

The ex-president's supporters organised rallies against Anez's government, leading to violent clashes with security officers. (ANI)