Bol Bachan gang strikes in Bhayandar, cops clueless

Bhayandar: Less than a fortnight after a senior citizen was robbed of her ornaments by fake cops, another 60-year-old woman fell victim to the notorious Bol Bachan ( term used for glib talkers) gang in Bhayandar on Saturday.

Despite a series of such cases being reported from various parts of the twin-city at regular intervals, the Thane (rural) police continue to grope in the dark, posing serious question mark on their efficiency.

The latest incidents were reported from the Indralok area of Bhayandar (East) where the elderly woman, who was returning home from the vegetable market, was relieved of her gold ornaments worth more than Rs 1.80 lakh by two miscreants at around 12:40 pm on Saturday.

In her complaint, the elderly woman stated that two men accosted the senior citizen near Om Shanti Chowk and informed her about a murder which had taken place in the area and checking that was going on.

They also convinced her that it was not safe for her to move around wearing such expensive ornaments. The tricksters, then under the pretext of helping her, asked her to remove the gold bangles she was wearing.

The senior citizen complied only to soon find that she has been cheated. Police have registered a case under section 420 of the IPC at the Navghar police station.

There has been an alarming rise in such cases exposing the poor policing in the twin-city. The victims — mostly senior citizens — have claimed that they feel like being hypnotised to obey their commands and realized they were duped only when the tricksters had fled from the spot.