Body-Painted Waitress Takes YouTube by Storm: Woman Goes Naked in This Viral Video and Receives Much Love!

Rashmi Mishra

Would you ogle your eyes out to know whether a woman is wearing clothes or not? Don’t know about you, but almost everyone kept staring at a ‘differently-clothed’ waitress in this viral video. In the daily dose of trending videos on YouTube, we see a naked woman taking up a body paint challenge. While it is not surprising why this video (naked woman) is doing rounds on social media, it is the people’s reaction to it that will leave you highly pleased. Breast Painting Workshop Launched by an Art Student says it Helps Women to Love their Bodies, See Pics.

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As a part of body painter and YouTuber Jen Seidel’s prank video, a model Shannon shed all her clothes and instead was covered in paint. Jen and her partner-in-crime Kennedy Walsh painted a pair of distressed denim shorts for the bottom and a parrot-green crop camisole for Shannon’s bosom. After the painting job, Jen’s model showed up as one of the waitresses at Lee’s Landing Dock Bar in Maryland. This Viral Video From Indian Wedding Will Make You Go 'WTF!'

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You could see the good-looking blonde waitress attend to customers boldly wearing the body paint in the video. At first, it is difficult to notice anything out of place for the viewers as well as for the diners. However, after Shannon went close to them to serve food and drinks, they got suspicious of her ‘lack of clothes’.

Watch Video: Body-Painted Waitress Prank

One man could be seen telling his group about the girl having no clothes on her body. Then several women seemed highly impressed by the waitress’ confidence and the way she carried the body paint at her workplace. Of course, the act saw several unimpressed ladies who shrieked, rolled their eyes and made faces at the revelation. But they were nothing compared to happy, excited and positive respondents.

Exuberant customers took selfies with Shannon, asked her to pose for a memorable snap. They praised her, and there was just no end to appreciations turning the Maryland bar waitress into an online sensation. One of the unforgettable moments from the ‘body-painted waitress’ viral video has to be that of an admiring lady who expressed her joy about the whole concept and went on to touch Shannon’s breast and said, ‘You have really nice boobies’!