This body confidence influencer shows the difference posing can make

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Photo credit: charlotttequeen - Instagram
Photo credit: charlotttequeen - Instagram

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Charlotte Queen, a popular body confidence influencer based in Glasgow, has posted two thought-provoking, side-by-side photos to demonstrate the difference posing can make when it comes to how a body looks. The post has come as a welcome reminder to many of her 143,000 followers that what we see online, isn't always the full picture (and that all bodies are beautiful and deserving of love).

On the left-hand side is what Charlotte calls the 'relaxed' image, where she can be seen with her high-waisted leggings rolled down revealing her stomach and her stance is more neutral in comparison to the right-hand side, where her pelvis is tilted back. This photo she's labelled as 'posed'.

Captioning the image, Charlotte (@charlotttequeen) wrote, "Remember that your body is completely unique. I used to feel so deflated comparing myself to what I saw online — perfect skin, perfect bodies, perfect clothes, perfect lives. Remember that NO ONE is perfect. We all have our own struggles and insecurities. We are all SO different. Our bodies are always changing and our priorities are always changing so don’t compare yourself to what you see online."

We think she looks great in both photos and her followers agree too – with many thanking her for being so candid.

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This isn't the first time Charlotte has sought to lift the lid on social media trickery either – just a couple of weeks ago she shared another hugely popular side-by-side comparison of two pictures, both taken seconds apart.

"It is so easy to be deceived by what we find on social media. I took these photos five seconds apart and simply sucked in, pulled up my leggings, tilted toward the light, and used Facetune to edit the ‘after’ photo," she said. "Companies that you see on social media selling magical weight loss pills, skinny jabs, skinny tea, and everything in between are all using similar techniques to sell you harmful products that do NOT work."

She also explained that she's seen her own images used to sell weight loss supplements without her permission, "I’ve seen my own photos talking about weight GAIN stolen and used in adverts for keto weight LOSS supplements… It is so frustrating that these companies can get away with these completely false claims!"

She added that how you look, or what you weigh, is far from the be all and end all either. "And in case you forgot — your body is SO MUCH MORE than a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture."

Amen to that, Charlotte.

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