Bobby Deol Knew About Coronavirus in 1997. Viral 'RT PCR Test' on Aishwarya Rai is Proof

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Who knew social distancing, hand hygiene, face masks, nasal swabs, would become a part of life. Last year this time we were still grappling with the new normal, and now, we are almost comfortable with it. But lord Bobby knew it all along. A video clip has been going viral that shows actor Bobby Deol practicing hand hygiene, maintaining social distance, wearing a mask and best of all, putting something like a nasal swab in his co-actor Aishwarya Roy’s nose. It is an RT-PCR test, the Internet is convinced.

Here is the viral video clip:

See, how he is practicing hand hygiene:

That look on Aishwarya’s face, we know it, we know it! This scene is from Aishwarya and Bobby starrer Aur Pyar Ho Gaya (1997), over two decades before those nasal swabs invaded our lives.

This isn’t the first time that the Internet found that Lord Bobby has been ahead of his time. Earlier, his picture of wearing Airpods in 2008 went viral, sending his fans and desi into a frenzy. The still was from Bobby Deol’s film Chamku (2008), suggesting that the actor was way ahead of his time. In the viral tweet, Bobby could be seen "using" wireless Bluetooth earbuds named the Apple AirPods, a device that the tech giant only launched in 2016.

The Internet even touted him as the third umpire after a video clip of him dancing with gestures like umpires went viral.

Lord Bobby is the time traveller, indeed.