Bob Mangat: A Millionaire’s Mindset towards Redefining Hard Challenges And Pushing Boundaries

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Bankrupt, to near homeless. Then rising above, to having to make sacrifices. Bob Mangat’s story is full of hardships and tests and coming out on top.

Life is not always a straight path, and often full of turbulence. Bob Mangat is no stranger to living one with many turns. However, his determination and ability to envision a path to the life he wanted pushed him to achieve phenomenal success, becoming a self-made multi-millionaire before hitting the age of 45.

Though coming up as an underdog in his early years, his tenacity drove him to achieve a reputable brand that has a celebrity lifestyle status of its own. The key factors in his success included: reputation validity, envisioning exactly what he wanted to achieve, knowing his numbers, and becoming an elite expert at marketing automation. It’s why he earned the title, “The Automated Entrepreneur.”

Bob’s ability to create his dream lifestyle from his personal techniques, has landed him in the ability to choose his next path. This includes coaching others to work smarter and create 7-figure businesses from scratch.

Bob recounts his earlier struggles in life. He admits that because of his early hardships, from growing up with nothing, he always feels compelled to overachieve, simply out of the fear of losing it all.

His story started out similar to many. Bob grew up with two immigrant parents, not having very much, and watched his parents struggle to make ends meet. We went from being near homeless to dropping out of college himself and becoming almost bankrupt. As he grew up, he vowed to make changes. He envisioned the life he wanted for himself and changed his mindset, worked hard, relentlessly even, and went on to build one of the most successful (to date) real estate companies in Canada. However, working increasingly long hours (up to 80 hours a week) had its price. After going through a separation with his wife, feeling defeated, he decided there had to be a better way.

Bob was determined to create a life where he could have family, wealth, and a lifestyle that suited his needs and wants. As such, he changed his mantra for business to, “less clients, more money.”

That is when Bob built his business helping others do the same. Getting a handle on his goals towards living his dream life, he also reconnected with his wife, and now has a beautiful family (two boys).

“Where you are in your life right now, financially, physically, mentally…it’s precisely how you designed it. You are responsible for where you are in life right now and NOBODY else.” – Bob Mangat.

More motivated than ever before, Bob drove his business goals forward. He built a series of companies under the invigoMEDIA group. Working with over 2000 companies, taking many of them to 7-figures or more within the first year alone, Bob was deservingly tagged as the ELITE practice growth expert across North America. Within five years he became a two-time #1 Best-Selling author, for each of his books: The Automated Entrepreneur: How To Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and CRUSH the Competition; and Pain Inc.: How To Create A Mass Army Of Customers Willing To Pay You Cash For Your Services. Bob is also a two-time Two Comma Club winner and has appeared in numerous notorious publications including Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, and more.

Bob Mangat proved that determination and drive are what matters most, humble beginnings or not. The work speaks for itself, the ability to turn ashes into gold lays in the formula and carrying it out with consistency. Those wanting to build their companies can do themselves a favour by following pages out of this man’s book.

Bob Mangat lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife and two children. He is an avid soccer player, snowboarder, mountain biker, jet setter, and overall vows to live life with no regrets. His Instagram and LinkedIn

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