Boats, huts torched as murder triggers violence in TN's Cuddalore

Siddhant Pandey

Boats, huts torched as murder triggers violence in TN

02 Aug 2020: Boats, huts torched as murder triggers violence in TN's Cuddalore

Violence broke out in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu on Saturday night as two rival political groups clashed.

The violence ensued in the Thazhanguda village. It was triggered by the murder of a local leader.

During the chaos, several fishing boats, houses, vehicles, etc. were set on fire while one man was reportedly killed.

Here are more details.

Backstory: Who was involved in the violence?

Police sources told The Hindu that the two groups involved in the clash—families of the present panchayat president and former president Masilamani—had a long-standing rivalry.

Tensions between the two groups had intensified after members contested against each other for the post of panchayat president of Gundu Uppalavadi which had led to clashes in April.

The police had then booked cases against them.

Murder: Former panchayat president's brother was recently murdered

Recently, a 36-year-old fisherman, identified as Madivanan, was hacked to death by a 10-member gang, The Hindu reported. Madivanan is the brother of former panchayat president Masilamani.

Madivanan was reportedly returning from Cuddalore to Thazhanguda on his two-wheeler when the gang ambushed him. The assailants then hacked him to death which escalated tensions between the two groups.

Violence: Rioters then torched fishing boats, vehicles

Superintendent of Police M. Sree Abhinav told The Hindu that supporters of Madivanan went on a riot and torched fishing boats and two-wheelers.

The violence started at 10 pm and at least 20 fishing boats were set ablaze. The rioters also ransacked 10 houses of the rival group.

According to reports, four cars were also torched and one person was killed during the clashes.

Action: 43 persons detained in connection with arson

According to The Hindu, the rival groups were bound by Section 107 in The Code Of Criminal Procedure—security for keeping the peace in other cases—for a year in January.

The police had also invoked CrPC Section 110—security for good behavior from habitual offenders—against them, but they violated the bond, Abhinav said.

He added that 43 persons have been detained in connection with the arson.

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