'Boarding Flight is Like Checking into ICU': Twitter Had Thoughts On Wearing Face Shields Inside Planes

India resumed its flight operations on Monday on selected domestic routes under strict safety guidelines after the government allowed multiple relaxations in the fourth phase of the lockdown.

While hundreds of people reached airports to take their flights back home, social media went abuzz with visuals of people seated inside flights wearing face shields. The crew members, too, are seen wearing them along with their hazmat suits.

Many took to Twitter to share snaps from inside the flights and pointed out that this will be the "new normal".

Some on the social media platform compared flights to that of hospitals. Some had serious concerns: what happens to the face shields and masks on dropping of oxygen level?

The fear of claustrophobia also gripped many, who wondered how they would manage to have their faces covered like this for long flights. "I have felt the mask suffocation. It is so tough to keep the mask on especially in the heat and humidity," said a user. Bengali film actress, Swastika Mukherjee, who has claustrophobia, also felt the same and lamented how she can not reach home anytime soon.