BMC to seize and auction off junked vehicles

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BMC to seize and auction off junked vehicles

In hopes to make more revenue, and keeping public hygiene, traffic movement issues in mind, BMC has decided to seize and auction off abandoned vehicles.

BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) believes that abandoned vehicles parked on the roads are breeding spots for mosquitoes. Considering this public hygiene issue, BMC has decided to slap 48-hour notices on junked cars that have been parked for a long time.

BMC would stick notices on old and junked vehicles, if owners do not move their vehicles within the stipulated time i.e., 48 hours, it will first tow the vehicles, and if the owners fail to reach BMC to claim them within a month, the unclaimed vehicles will be auctioned off.

As there are numerous abandoned cars to seize, BMC is getting more towing vehicles for ease in the process.

BMC feels such junked vehicles are hurdles for public movement. Also, mosquito-breeding havens have been found in them.

BMC will slap notices on such vehicles under the provision made in 1888. BMC's inspection department will conduct surveys and then stick notices on dumped vehicles.

BMC also hopes to generate more revenue from this.

BMC has appealed if citizens see such vehicles on the roads they can contact the local ward office or call hotline number 1916. Citizens can also report such vehicles on the following websites- or