‘Blue Whale’ suicide game is pushing teenagers to take their life! App sets a date for player’s death in this internet challenge

Aishwarya Krishnan
Schools have been asked to keep an eye on any unsolicited content whether it is games, social media site or anything that can be detrimental to the student.

The latest dark sensation taking over the World Wide Web is the ‘Blue Whale’ game which is being blamed for various suicides and injuries of teenagers in Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom among other places. This bizarre game is being circulated through social media, and the gullible targets are asked to download the app which gives them instructions on a checklist of challenges they need to complete. The last step of this challenge is to commit suicide. The app sets a date for the death of the player, and the player is forced into accepting every order given. The unverified app is said to hack into phones that download it and has already been blamed for at least 130 suicides in Russia alone.

Another disturbing practice that is being encouraged by the app is carving out various shapes onto your body with a razor blade. According to a Twitter user, the app has fifty rules, and one of them is that the player needs to make one cut on their body every day until the end of the game. Teenagers who are participating in the game have been posting disturbing pictures of their bleeding cuts that represent various shapes and designs. The Blue Whale game has been promoting suicide using various social media platform and is a grave issue that is taking innocent lives. The game is widely spreading in different parts of the world after affecting adolescents in Russia. Here is everything you need to know about the Blue Whale suicide challenge.

1. What is the Blue Whale Game

Blue Whale Game is a 50-day challenge that is played through various social media platforms. Innocent adolescents are contacted through social media and are asked to download the app which described the Blue Whale suicide challenge. The game gives instructions to a 50-day challenge which includes some of the darkest tasks like making body incisions with a razor blade. The challenge ends with the player taking their lives.

2. Why is the game played?

While the exact reason for people accepting and completing the challenges is not known, it is said that the makers are hacking into the phones of the players who begin the challenge. The player cannot stop midway and this has resulted in various suicides. The tasks included in the challenge also can also include acts like stabbing yourself. The game has already claimed hundreds of lives and schools in various countries are spreading awareness about this dangerous app and trying to take precautionary measures. The key element for the spread of this game has been the manipulation and power of the makers who have convinced hundreds to follow the instructions no matter what.

3. When did this game begin?

While the exact time when the Blue Whale Game began is not known, the initial news about this suicide challenge began back in 2015. The police have revealed that at least 130 suicides in Russia have been linked to this dark web game between November 2015 and April 2016. The reach of this terrifying game is extremely high. Recently an 18-year-old girl jumped off a bridge in Portugal as a part of one of the challenges. The words ‘Sim’ and ‘F 57’ were carved on her body with a knife. Another 15-year-old girl in Barcelona was also playing this suicide game and has been rushed to a Spanish hospital.

Earlier this year two young school girls, aged 15 and 16, jumped off a fourteen storey building as a part of this game and lost their lives. this entire event was captured on video by two guys who were detained by the police. Suicide has become one of the leading causes of death in the recent times. One person in the world commits suicide Every forty seconds according to statistics. This horrible game has been promoting this idea and has already affected various people. The easiest way to end this horrendous game and the end is to talk about it and spread awareness. While the world tries to spread suicide awareness and promote life, games like these are spreading negative thoughts needs to be ended.