The Blue Whale Game, A Silent House, A Sea of Whale, Wake Me Up at 2.40am and other Internet Suicide Games officially banned by schools

Aishwarya Krishnan

The latest trend taking the social media by surprise is a weird suicide challenge game popularly known as the Blue Whale Game. The 50-day suicide challenge, which has already claimed more than 100 young lives in Russia is spreading worldwide at an increasing pace. However, schools are now taking precautions against this viral suicide game. According to a viral WhatsApp message, schools are now publishing notices and circulars about this suicide challenge which goes by the names of The Blue Whale Game, A Silent House, A Sea of Whale, Wake Me Up at 2.40 am. Warnings against these games have been issued and shared on various social networking websites and netizens are now aware of the wrath of this suicide game.

This popular suicide challenge lays out a list of things to do and tasks to be completed by the player, and the last task is killing themselves. This bizarre game has been manipulating young minds and making them do various self-harming acts like cutting oneself repeatedly and drawing the blue whale on their body parts. The game, which is rumoured to have started off in Russia in 2015 has now spread to various parts of the UK as well as Nigeria, South Africa. Recently two young girls filmed their suicide as a part of the final task of this terrifying challenge. ‘Blue Whale’ suicide game is pushing teenagers to take their life! App sets a date for player’s death in this internet challenge.

This terrifying suicide game gets its different names based on the community where the game originated. The Blue Whale Game was created in the Sea of Whales community, giving it the synonmous name, A Sea of Whale. The basic motto of this game has been clear, to torment and torture souls and encourage suicide on a large extent. The creator of the community, More Kitov however said that the initial aim of developing this dangerous game was to drive traffic to the website. Various children had also inscribed the words, F57 on their bodies.

F57 is a community that launched the idea of a suicide cult, when it was noticed that the myth was extremely popular with teenagers. The suicide cult revolved around a Russian teenager, Rina Palenkova, who was one of the first person to kill herself while playing The Blue Whale Game. Rina had also posted a picture of  a blue whale as a symbolic gesture before killing herself. The administrator of F57, Filip Lis, also said that they only thought about increasing the revenues of the website and did not foresee this dangerous end.

See the picture of one school notice issued to parents

school warns suicide game

Various reports claim that the reason players cannot stop after starting the game is the manipulative techniques used by the creators. Some other people are saying that downloading this game from the link allows the user’s phone to be hacked and all the personal information collected by the hacker is used as leverage against the players. A report released by the Russian police claimed that more than 100 lives had been lost to this suicide challenge game between November 2015 and April 2016. While the basic information about this dangerous game is already being circulated on the social media, this incident clearly shows the threat that the internet holds to the easily influenced less informed people. This latest trend has only increased the need for a proper guideline and laws around the happenings of the World Wide Web.