After Bloodying Passenger, United Airlines Brings Change in Policy

Following strong criticism post an incident involving a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines aircraft, the under fire carrier has updated its policies to avoid similar incidents in the future.

The company in a statement on Friday said that it will now require commuting staff and crew members to check into flights 60 minutes prior to departure.

The move comes less than a week after Dr David Dao was captured being dragged off a United Airlines flight on cellphone after refusing to give up his seat for a United Airlines crew member.

United later said claimed Dao was legally booted out as a seat was needed for a commuting crew member. However, the decision to deplane a paying customer after him boarding the flight resulted in the airline receiving major flak and an eventual apology from the airlines’ CEO Oscar Munoz.

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Airlines, Authorities Agree to Preserve Evidence

The lawyer for Dao has said the airline and Chicago officials have agreed to preserve evidence of the incident.

Attorney Thomas Demetrio said on Saturday that the agreement means a court hearing scheduled next week isn't taking place.

A lawsuit has not been filed but Demetrio has indicated one is forthcoming.

Demetrio has said Dao lost teeth, suffered a concussion and a broken nose as airport police employed by Chicago removed him.

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