Is this bloodcurdling photo from Godhra, 2002? Find out

In election season, political parties and their supporters are pulling out all stops to attract voters. But there are a few, across the spectrum, who have begun to resort to unsavory means and spreading fake news to garner support.

Fake Godhra massacre photo
Fake Godhra massacre photo

A photo that is going viral on social media shows the charred corpses of people alleged to be the Hindus who were burnt alive inside a train in Godhra, 2002.

The posts accompanying the photo are also inflammatory and seek to exhort Hindus to not vote for the Congress. The posts claim that the Godhra massacre happened during the Congress regime and was allegedly orchestrated by Muslims, who are said to enjoy the patronage of the party.

However, the truth is that both the photo and the content of the posts are misleading and fake. The photo isn’t from Godhra, but from Congo in Africa. In 2010, 270 people were killed in a blaze in a Congo village when a truck carrying petrol overturned and exploded.

Congo explosion photo

Another deviation from the truth is that during the Godhra train burning incident, it was the Bhartiya Janata Party that was in power in both the state (Gujarat) and at the Centre. Narendra Modi was the then chief minister of Gujarat, while Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the prime minister of India.

So, if you come across such inflammatory posts on social media, don’t trust them blindly. Put on your thinking caps before spreading them further and curb the propagation of fake news.