'Blood-spattered bathroom' photos shock Oscar Pistorious' family

London, June 3 (ANI): Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius' family has claimed that they are 'shaken' by the 'graphic images' showing the bathroom in the athletes' Pretoria home flooded with blood where the sprint runner shot his girlfriend dead in February this year.

The family's expression of shock comes a day before Pistorious's court hearing which is likely to get postponed pending further police investigation, the CNN reports.

The Pistorious family has said that they had pleaded that the legal process should have been run with integrity and leaking evidential material for the public will not advance the legal process in any way.

According to the report, the graphic images of the crime scene show a trail of blood leading from a bathroom with blood on the walls and stairs.

The gold medal winner has said that he thought there was an intruder in the house and ran on his stumps to the bathroom, where he shot four times through the door from a relatively low angle and only realized it later that Steenkamp was the one in the bathroom.

However, the state alleged that it was a premeditated murder after Pistorius had an argument with Steenkamp and killed her intentionally by shooting through the door from a relatively higher angle.

Pistorious' uncle Arnold Pistorious said that the athlete's grief is 'unthinkable' and the family will support him in every step of the legal process. (ANI)