Indian government to form ‘Baniya Pradesh’ state for banned people

The Water Cooler

The Indian government has come up with an interesting proposition to form a new state ‘Baniya Pradesh’ for the ever-increasing number of banned people and groups in the country.

Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde made the stunning revelation in a press conference. “In the view of growing number of people getting banned in the country, the Indian government is mulling to form a separate state to maintain decorum in the country,” he said. “We have decided to send such a prohibited population to this new state, which, if formed, would be known as ‘Baniya Pradesh’. Let these banned men and women exercise their Freedom of Expression here, thereby ensuring peace and order in the rest of India.”

The Home Minister admitted that the Indian government has been meek in acting against the morale police in the country who have been announcing bans left, right and centre. “However, with such a new state formed to represent banned people, we can ensure that there is peace and order in the rest of India, and also the minority voices are happy as well.”

Albeit the government is excited about the forming of a new state, the opposition ridiculed the move, calling it a political gimmick by the Congress a year ahead of the general elections.

“It is clear to the BJP that the Congress is more eager to garner sympathy votes by forming of a separate state for the banned people,” said a spokesperson of the primary opposition party, the BJP.

Shinde refuted BJP’s claim while adding that the state will have an independent government that will be elected through democratic elections.

He said, “Baniya Pradesh will elect a chief minister from among themselves. The state will be just like any other Indian state except that only banned people would be allowed to reside in it.”

Shinde added that the Indian government is confident that this new state will prove to be a model for other states as no fringe element would be able to divide it on the basis of religion, caste or sect as everyone inhabiting it would belong to only one class – the banned class.

Meanwhile, outspoken chief minister Omar Abdullah suggested that on the similar lines the Indian government should form a new state for “morons” as according to the politician, the number of morons in the country too is on the rise.

India, according to cynics may be a banana republic; however, the formation of Baniya Pradesh, inevitably, may earn it a reputation of being a ‘ban republic’.

(The above is a satirical piece)