Sitting Together
  • Was keeping a diary one of your New Year resolutions? How is it going? Have you felt bored with the monotonous routine of it and stopped? I too used to begin writing diary with a lot of enthusiasm but soon stopped it, terming it a useless exercise. The last time I started writing diary, I started with new insight, which I would like to share.

    Is there a method to regularize writing and also make it a psychological exercise that can make impact your life in a great way?

    Here is a way to do it

    Begin to write only the good events that happen to you on a given day, and completely neglect the bad experiences. Recollect all the good things, however trivial they might be, and begin to document them. The glimpse of a sunrise in the morning that perked your mood, the smile of a child you saw in a mall, an idea that flashed in your mind, a mood-elevating song, or anything that brought joy to you. Write them all down.

    Why? There are two things to understand.

    While our mind is bombarded with

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  • “Energy chooses the healer Mr. Raghavendra”, said my septuagenarian Reiki Teacher, Grandmaster Mrs. Shakuntala Karanth. Remember what Garrick Ollivander says to young Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone: "The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter”.

    We do not choose where and when we take birth. One fine morning we get up and find ourselves in the middle of life happening. We relate ourselves to events of life and to people whom we meet. The very people and the events of life start forming us. New people, new happenings make life moving forward. However, one intriguing question is whether the way life is happening around us has its own logic or it has something to do with what we are?

    The mind science says that our feelings create our world. It is by our thoughts and feelings that we begin to attract or repel people and circumstances. Every negative thought that we chew shrinks our consciousness while every positive thought expands it. The joy and the pain we experienceRead More »from You are chosen when you are ready!
  • What do these two people sitting together at a place talk? Sitting on a rock bench, at a coffee table on a lofty mountain, there sky is the limit to the things that they speak. Meaningful, meaningless, humorous, conspiratorial or high-minded; each kind of topic has its value when the two are happy in each other’s presence. Who are these two people?

    Those sitting together can be anybody; students discussing their lessons, friends discussing things that interest them, lovers sharing sweet nothings or a master sitting with his disciple (or disciples) and imparting some knowledge or any others.

    Only those who love and respect each other can sit together. Sitting together is all about equality, democracy, unbiased sharing and mutual respect. It is about being happy at the others’ presence.   

    “Sitting Together” is not about indulging in each other, but in something that is more informative, entertaining and enlightening. It is all about two people, writer and reader, sharing and

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