Yahoo! Opinions Greatest Hits Vol 1

Amit Varma
Opinions - IN

There's bad news and there's good news. The bad news is that, once again, Yahoo! Opinions will now go off air for a few weeks. The good news is that we're refurbishing the section, and plan to come back bigger and better. The changes will be worth it for you guys, and we'll inform the world of it through our respective Twitter feeds and suchlike when we're back.

In the meantime, I asked our columnists to pick their favourite pieces from among the ones they've written, so you can also revisit their best work, or be introduced to their writing if you don't already follow them. So, Monday onwards, here we go:


Mohit Satyanand -- Minority of One

I am Not Your Crony
Beware the False Prophets
The Many Routes to Corruption
All Piglets are Equal
Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan

Girish Shahane -- Anything That Moves

Memories and Memorials
A Recipe for Famine
The Lonely Planet Misguidebook
Fast Food and Smoking Guns
Osama, icons and iconoclasm
Why India is a Democracy


Ashok Malik -- Corner Plot

Why China is Different
Don't Fight the Last Insurgency
Beyond the Blockade: The Key to Manipur
The Bones of the Buddha
The Truth about Sohrabuddin Sheikh
A Question of Caste
New Monks for Old

Nitin Pai -- Pax Indica

Vijay Dinanath Chauhan and the Realist Perspective
Why India Must Swing
Your Own Private Foreign Policy
Solving the Pakistan Problem
The Call General Kayani Cannot Make
The Missing Ingredient in India's Soft Power
The Sun Doesn't Set on the Indian Republic


Deepak Shenoy -- Atlas Invested

The Ministry of Mis-Selling
The Legend of the Turtles
The Problem with Multi Level Marketing
Five Easy Ways to Get Suckered
Survivorship Bias
The Unnecessary Prepayment Penalty
Dirty Money Is Not Just Black


Amit Varma -- Viewfinder

Internet Hindus and Madrasa Muslims
To Hell With Family Values
Society, You Crazy Breed
The Man with the Maruti 800
The Big Deal About Blogging
Poker and the Human Brain
India's Second Freedom Struggle
Urban Planning -- A Short Story


Jai Arjun Singh -- Persistence of Vision

Lost on Translation Island
Lights, Camera, Animal
The Distorting Mirror
The Musical Conquests of Goopy and Bagha
How to Stop Worrying and Lose Your Moustache
The Great Director as Movie Buff
The Cowardly Samurai

Sanjay Sipahimalani -- Dead Tree Diaries

Reader, Interrupted
Window Pane vs Stained Glass
Tasted Any Good Books Lately?
Losing the Plot
Pollyanna Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Beating Reader's Block
Insert Title Here


Aadisht Khanna -- Stereotypist

The Weaver, the Princess and Goldman Sachs
Fighting the Love Jihad
The Indian Gladiatorial League
How to Survive Weddings
The Homoeopathic Basis of Astrology
Housework and its Miscontents
How is Baby Name Formed?

Anand Ramachandran -- Mirth Vader

The Legalization of Corruption
Confessions of a Tambrahm Freelancer
Rickshaw Drivers and Vampires in Bengaluru
Lessons to be Learned From Arranged Marriages
The Alternate History of Indian Rock 'n Roll

When we put together this section, we tried to create a balanced mix of writers who would, between them, cater to all tastes and niches. I'd hope the above selection indicates that we did a reasonable job. We will return with a better section, a bigger section, and more columnists. Watch this space!

Amit Varma, the winner of the 2007 Bastiat Prize for Journalism, is the author of the bestselling novel My Friend Sancho. He writes the popular blog, India Uncut. You can follow him on Twitter here.