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Nike even puts its swoosh on Oscar Pistorius’ Cheetah blade (PHOTO)

This is a little grubby, even for Nike.

The Oregon-based apparel company is never shy about plastering its trademarked swoosh all over athletes, from sneakers to headbands to shirts to shorts to bandanas to kneebands to dresses. Sometimes I think they create (or promote) pieces of apparel solely for more swoosh coverage (see: bicep bands).

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Or, in this case, they stick a swoosh on the miraculous carbon fiber feet belonging to one of the most inspirational Olympians in the history of the Games. Check out the Nike logo stenciled on the base of Oscar Pistorius' right blade.

Pistorius' Cheetah blades are made by a company called Össur. He does use spikes from regular Nike shoes for the bottom of his prosthetics, so it's not as if the logo is fully encroaching. It's just -- I don't know -- off-putting.

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