Fourth-Place Medal

Cuban judoka beats man 243 lbs. heavier

Brayson, in white, takes on Blas (Reuters)The heaviest competitor at the Olympics lost on Friday to a man who weighed 243 pounds less than him.

Guam's Ricardo Blas Jr., who weighed in at 218kg (481 pounds) in the 100+ kg class in judo, won his first match but dropped his second bout to 238-pound Oscar Brayson from Cuba. Blas started a throw, but Brayson used Blas' size and momentum against him to throw Blas for a match-ending move.

[ Photos: Ricardo Blas Jr. in action ]

The throws and tosses used in judo look like the products of brute strength, but as Brayson proved, they're more about technique and leverage. Brayson recognized an opportunity, and used it to throw the man nicknamed "The Little Mountain." Brayson went on to lose to favorite Teddy Riner of France in the quarterfinals.

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