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  • Cell phones and cars have historically been a dangerous mix. But this idea was floored at last week's i-Stage event, where Mavizon Technologies walked away with first place and $40,000 to develop the AutoBot (no, not that Autobot in your mind), a smartphone application that allows drivers to control a number of car functions with the touch of a button.

    Autobot is nothing but a small piece of hardware mated to your car and syncs up to an Internet-based account, which you can access via a smartphone application. The device is capable of doing things such as sending an SMS when the car leaves a specific boundary or messaging friends and family when the driver meets with an accident. Moreover, AutoBot will allow the driver to lock and unlock doors, control window settings, start the car, locate the car if it gets stolen, and even check engine functions and get tips on saving money.

    The most amazing thing is that it works in all vehicles with an OBD-ll port (1996 or later).

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  • Well, when its competitors come up with every other vibrant colour out there, why should Bajaj sit and watch? They're giving Pulsar a flamboyant metallic orange shade that will exclusively be available on the Pulsar 180, 220 and 220F variants.

    When the fuel tank, doom and the rear panels come in metallic orange colour, the front mud guard and side panels remain black. However, there won't be any mechanical changes to any of these models.

    Prices will remain unchanged, too — 180cc at Rs 74,300, the naked 220 DTS-i at Rs 80,900 and the top end Pulsar 220F at Rs 84,300 (prices, on-road Mumbai).

    Pulsar, which is largely responsible for changing Bajaj's 'scooter maker' image, is by far the leading sports machine in India with a consistent 50 per cent market share.

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  • Shocked? I was too. But the news is true. Suzuki Motor said it will recall a total of 90,617 units of its Swift and three other car models in Japan to fix a possible door mirror defect, with about 192,000 cars sold abroad also possibly subject to repairs.

    Suzuki said that over time strong vibrations could cause screws to loosen, possibly causing mirrors to dislodge.

    But worry not, Maruti Suzuki has clarified that Swifts sold in India are completely safe and there were no plans to replace it.

    "Swift cars sold in India are all indigenously developed and are absolutely safe. We have a huge plant here where we make our cars and our Swift in India is absolutely safe, with no such mirror screw problem," said a spokesperson of the country's largest carmaker.

    Meanwhile, Suzuki is all set to launch the new 2011 Swift in the Indian market with K-series engine and completely refurbished interiors, with better quality plastics and a re-designed dashboard. Know more

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  • Kindness in a Kitchen

    US President Barack Obama, recently embroiled in a "religious" controversy, is likely to visit Amritsar's Golden Temple during his visit to India this year. As I was reading up on it, I came across a very interesting article in the New York Times and I was, for a moment, ashamed that what I knew of the temple was only from scenes from popular Bollywood movies.

    For example, though I knew of the community kitchen at the Temple, the langar, I did not know this — "Sikhism, which emerged in the Punjab region of India in the 15th century, strongly rejects the notion of caste, which lies at the core of Hinduism." Guru Amar Das, the third Guru of Sikhism is said to have established the practice of offering langar (free food) to disciples before spiritual services.

    First food, then God:

    Guru Nanak's tenets of Sikhism endorse two as the most important: Pangat (one row, loosely translated as sitting together in a row and partaking of a meal) and Sangat (association with the good). While it

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  • We love the Swift and there's a reason why we do so. Now, Maruti is giving Swift's fans another reason to rejoice. The one millionth car to be rolled out of the company's plant at Manesar was a Swift and what better way to celebrate it than making Swift more special? Yes, the carmaker is offering an exclusive, limited edition Swift labelled the "Swift One Million Edition".

    The most exclusive thing about the car is the specially created "Goldsmith Black" colour along with splendid graphics or artistic decal on the exteriors. It also sports special integrated stereo with USB and speakers, leather seats, cushions and even foot-mats.

    Swift One Million Edition is available in only one version, VXi (Petrol), at a price of Rs. 4,83,079 (Ex-showroom, Delhi).

    It looks like the car is worth every penny but unfortunately, Maruti is offering just 1000 units of this stunner. So guys, you got to act swiftly to get yourself a piece of this limited edition Swift.

    Well, now tell me whether

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  • Well, this might sound inane, but this is real.

    Disney's Pixar Cars has proved the front of a car looks a lot like the human face where headlights are the eyes, but this is taking things a bit far — a company named CarLashes has decided to add more bling to a car's face by offering big, curly headlamp eyelashes. And to add to the glitter, you can even put some sparkly, faux-jewelled 'eyeliners'.

    For some, CarLashes may be silly and goofy, but if Truck Nutz and Miata Teeth exist here, why not CarLashes? However, it's up to you guys to decide whether CarLashes add personality or goofiness to your car.

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