Live coverage: Honda Drive to Discover Season 4

Full Throttle

Around the same time last year, we drove the Honda Brio from Goa to Bangalore as part of Honda’s Drive to Discover 3 and appreciated the many facets of the small car while enjoying the beauty and majesty of the Western Ghats. Drive to Discover is back again and this time, with the stunning Honda Amaze i-DTEC. We’ve already reviewed the Honda Amaze i-DTEC, but living with the car for three days across 1000 kilometres will certainly expose many unnoticed virtues and shortcomings of the car. More exciting is the fact that our route is the scenic East Coast highway from Visakhapatnam to Kolkata. I’ll be bringing you live updates, photos and short videos from the three days’ drive, meanwhile let’s make this more interactive by discussing your thoughts on the Honda Amaze.