Farhad Hussain
Grist Media

December 16, 2012 was the demise of my innocence in many ways. Not that I have not seen women suffer before, but something about that gang rape magnified it. The whole country hoped for that woman’s survival, and my family and I prayed for her too. I believe that sporadic protests or amendments in law will not change anything. Our society has to change as a whole to value women more.

In this work, I show how the woman is in different phases of her experience. She has been hooked powerfully by the horns of the bull. In the foreground, the bull rages ruthlessly. The woman, even while trapped, is imaginative in her response.

Farhad Hussain is an award-winning artist based in New Delhi. He studied art at Santiniketan and MS University in Vadodara and won the Nasreen Mohammadi scholarship from MS University in 2004. His work has been exhibited in solo shows in major galleries, from Chatterjee and Lal in Mumbai to the Vadehra Art Gallery in Delhi. His highly distinctive style has been praised for its eroticism and its fantastic and sly humor, especially the confident way in which this humor is directed at the middle-class.