'Black-ish' tackles postpartum depression with heart and comedy

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Black-ish is no stranger to taking on tough topics like gun control, police brutality, and, in the most recent episode, postpartum depression.

Despite being a doctor, Bow was unable to diagnose herself with the disorder after having her baby, so her husband encouraged them to take a postpartum quiz.

Reading from a magazine, Dre asked, “Do you feel sad, hopeless, overwhelmed, empty?” Bow replied, “Well, I don’t know. I feel sad, and I feel hopeless, and I feel overwhelmed, but I don’t feel empty, so I guess it’s a no for me.”

Bow did eventually visit a doctor, who diagnosed her with postpartum depression and prescribed a regimen of drugs to help her.

Despite taking the pills, Bow still struggled. She summed up her feelings in an emotional speech saying, “Motherhood is the most natural thing for a woman. And I’ve had four kids, and somehow, I am struggling right now. I cannot seem to make enough milk. I feel filled with anxiety. I feel weak. I feel embarrassed because of all the things that I can’t do.”

With the support of her family, doctors, and perseverance, Bow appeared to have found some peace as she wrestled with an often-unspoken but common problem.

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