Black Eyed Peas Pays Tribute To Indian Action Movies; Ajay Devgn And AR Rahman React

Sanyukta Thakare
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American music group Black Eyed Peas have paid tribute to the extravagant action sequences in Indian cinema with their latest video 'Action'. The group over time has shared that their music has been inspired by Indian culture from the beginning of their career, and their latest music video is a way to show their love and appreciation for Bollywood.

The music video for 'Action' featured popular scenes from films including Rajinikanth's sci-fi action film Robot and Ajay Devgn-starrer cop drama Singham along with other south films like Maryada Ramanna, Ambala, and a Sweden film, KOPPS. According to reports, the 4.48-minute-long video has been created by using the 'deep fake' technology. It allows users to replace people in an existing setting for an image or a video. Music video of 'Action' shares a message at the start of the video saying, "This video was made with DEEP FAKE technology... Do not believe everything you see...".

Black Eyed Peas Says They Have Been Inspired By Bollywood

Group members, and Taboo can be seen playing the lead characters in the iconic scenes. While describing the video, the group said, "The Black Eyed Peas have been inspired by Indian culture from the beginning of our career... From Asha Bhosle to AR Rahman, Indian music has influenced our songs on more than one occasion. This video for ACTION shows our LOVE and appreciation for BOLLYWOOD and the imagination and awesomeness it brings to the screen... Thank you INDIA & BOLLYWOOD!!!"

Video Features Scenes From Singham And Robot

Reacting to the video, Singham actor Ajay Devgn wrote to on Twitter, "This is a super-enjoyable track. Good stuff." Singer and composer AR Rahman, who scored the music for Robot and its sequel also tweeted his appreciation for the group. He wrote, "The borders are blurring through art! #tamilcinema @directorshankar #rajnikant #india."

The Video Have Been Made With Deep Fake Effect

'Action' at the end urges people to not trust everything they see on their screens. The end credit message in Star Wars style, reads, "We are living in very confusing times... We have smartphones and we do dumb things on them... We have Artificial Intelligence but we can't tell Fake news from Facts... If we can't handle Fake news!!! How can we handle the Deep Fake??? Don't trust the screen."

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