BJP's Gaurav Bhatia moves Apex Court seeking justice for violence against BJP members in Bengal

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New Delhi [India], May 4 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, spokesperson and senior Supreme Court lawyer Gaurav Bhatia knocked the doors of the top court regarding the brutal violence, murders and rapes happening in West Bengal allegedly by Trinamool Congress (TMC) goons and workers.

Bhatia, in his petition filed before the Supreme Court, sought a direction to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to initiate an inquiry into the instances of rampant violence, murders and rapes that have been allegedly carried out by the workers of the TMC across West Bengal.

Bhatia sought a direction from the Supreme Court to the West Bengal government to file a detailed status report as to what FIRs have been registered, arrests made so far, and steps taken by it against the perpetrators of the crimes committed by the accused persons.

The petitioner has filed this present petition as there are alleged brutal murders and the commission of serious offences like murders, rapes, molestations and blatant violence and the complete breakdown of law and order machinery in the state of West Bengal before, during and after the recently concluded assembly elections in West Bengal.

The TMC has dehumanised its political opponents, specifically targeting BJP and its members and workers branding them as fascists, and bigots, Bhatia said. This application was moved so that this court can intervene before the law and order situation deteriorates in West Bengal, according to the petition.

As per media reports, the violence is directly sponsored by the ruling party (TMC) through its workers who are seeking revenge against the citizenry of the state which has exercised its democratic right of voting for a party other than TMC, the petition filed by Bhatia claimed.

That the perpetrators of the crime who should be booked and punished in accordance with law are being protected by the ruling dispensation, the petition of Bhatia said.

Furthermore, the murder of one, Avijit Sarkar, an ordinary citizen of Belaghata in Kolkata, is proof enough to highlight as to how there is a great danger to democracy, the petition claimed.

Sarkar, in a video uploaded on Facebook, moments before his death, highlighted how the TMC workers not only ransacked his house but also, mercilessly killed voiceless puppies. Sarkar, in his video, specifically blamed the TMC leaders for the attack, Bhatia said in his petition and claimed that Sarkar eventually died in the brutal attack.

This incident enunciated the manner in which the TMC has been conducting its affairs without any deterrence whatsoever. It is clear that the TMC has been exercising undue influence over the police and other enforcement agencies inasmuch as no FIRs have been registered against any alleged party worker for their acts of crime, Bhatia claimed in his petition. (ANI)