BJP's Dilip Ghosh reacts to Mamata's claim | Frankly Speaking

As the West Bengal elections approach, the political tensions seem to rise every minute. On this edition of Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, Dilip Ghosh, BJP's Bengal chief joins us. TMC mimister Mamata Banerjee recently claimed that she was attacked in the Nandigram bazaar by 4-5 people. This has led to strong reactions from people specially of TMC. The Bharatiya Janata Party has however stated that this is drama and that investigation should be handed over to the CBI.
Join to know what Dilip Ghosh has to say about this.
Reportedly, he states that Mamata's car bumped into an iron rod and claims that is the reason behind her injury. He expresses grief over the incident but also adds that Politicising it is an insensitive move.
Further, he adds that who made alleged attack on Mamata Banerjee, a political issue? Their party is doing their work. Immediately the TMC workers came out to block roads and began shouting slogans against the BJP.