BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra addresses media, says 'Modi Ji is a humble servant of the country'

BJP spokesperson, Sambit Patra addressed the media recently. In his speech, he spoke that 'in Supreme Court's decisions the nation takes pride and that therefore the Bhartiya Janta Party with utmost respect bows down in front of the Supreme Court and accepts their decision on the Farm laws. He also expressed that feels hopeful that the farmers too will accept this decision and walk on the path that the Top Court has paved for them. Eversince PM Modi has joined India's Government as a loyal servant to it's citizen, his only goal has been the welfare of Indian farmers and promotion of poor people as well as helping all excluded and discriminated sections of the society'

For over 70 year the farmers of our nation have been denied basic rights and Sambit Patra talks about delivering these rights to the farmer class, says that 'his other concerns also revolve around helping farmers earn more, making sure there is proper irrigation and that no citizen in India sleeps hungry'.