Cong Vs Cong on 'O2 Deaths' Data; Didi for desh vs Bengal Bachao | Top News

Here are the top headlines of the day:

1. According to sources, Sonia Gandhi is likely to continue as the Congress party chief. Still have no confidence in Rahul Gandhi's leadership.

2. Congress Vs Congress On 'O2 Deaths' Data, Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi government over no oxygen shortage claim, his own chief minister in Chhattisgarh claims no one died due to Oxygen shortage. BJP slams Congress's hypocrisy.

3. TMC's virtual rally to be held in seven states today.

4. Captain Amrinder Singh Vs Sidhu Continue, Amarinder Singh, says no meeting with newly appointed PPC chief unit up a public apology. Team Sidhu says Captain Apologies, not Sidhu.

5. The evidence against Raj Kundra found new evidence, including the bungalow and chats.

6. Judgment in the riots case, Delhi court lashes out at Delhi police for the shoddy probe.

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