BJP in shock over its workers’ rebellious mood, Yogi govt days numbered: SP

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Lucknow, Jun 4 (PTI) Asserting that the Yogi government’s days are numbered in Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Friday claimed the BJP leadership is in shock over the “rebellious attitude” of party workers, allegedly ignored by the government.

The BJP leadership is in shock over the “rebellious attitude” of party workers and those of the RSS, who have gone in “hibernation as they were ignored” by the government, claimed Yadav.

This has driven the top leadership of the BJP to hold “constant meetings and brainstorming (sessions) in AC rooms from Delhi to Lucknow', Yadav said.

'But the situation is that if they try to persuade one leader, the other one gets angry. To bridge the rift between the government and the organisation, the leaders are tweeting only,' he said.

The former chief minister apparently referred to the recent visits of the BJP’s two central leaders from Delhi to Lucknow to meet the top brass of the party leaders and the state government, which they described as routine.

Yadav also asserted that the Samajwadi Party has secured a greater reach and acceptance among the public and the BJP leader has grown apprehensive of it.

The former chief minister also accused the state government of suppressing the number of government employees and health and other frontline workers who died while discharging their anti-Covid duties.

He said the government was suppressing the number because it wants to save the money to be given as compensation to its employees' families.

That is why the government is not releasing any list of its employees who died on duty, he said.

“The government is trying to befool people with fudged data. It wants to save itself from paying the money by hiding deaths of its employees on duty due to Covid,” said Yadav.

“To hide its failure, it has been claiming fewer deaths of government employees due to COVID-19. Had the government’s intentions been clear, it would have had no hitch in releasing the list of its employees who died due to Covid,' Akhilesh said in a statement issued here.

He said the SP workers would reach every village and meet families of each Covid victim and ask about their grievances.

'It is expected from the party workers that they will help the needy people and not let anyone sleep hungry,' he said.

The people are more fed up with the government's misrule than the pandemic, said Yadav, adding lakhs of people died of COVID-19 and black fungus infection due to the carelessness in treatment.

He said the BJP will no longer be successful in tricking people to vote for them during the next assembly elections in 2022.

In 2022, the “BJP's farewell is certain” and so is the formation of a socialist government, he said, adding the people have made up their minds for it.

“This has made the BJP scared and it has triggered talks of reshuffle in the party and the government in UP,” he said. PTI ABN RAX RAX

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