BJP Says Make in India & Buys From China: Rahul’s 'Graphic' Jibe

Hitting out at the Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled (BJP) Centre, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday, 30 June, tweeted a graph which claimed that total imports from China had increased from 12-13 percent in 2014 to about 18 percent between 2018 -2019.

According to the graph, the data behind it has been derived from ‘Govt of India’ and the ‘AICC Data Analytics’ team.

Tweeting the graph, Gandhi quipped, “Facts don’t lie. BJP says: Make in India. BJP does: Buy from China.”

The graph shows that between 2008 and 2014, which is when the Congress was in power, the percentage of Chinese imports stood at a range of 12-13 percent.

However, according to the graph, “buy from china” rose sharply from about 12-13 percent in 2014 to about 18 percent in 2018. This period corresponded to Narendra Modi’s first stint as prime minister.

Gandhi’s tweet comes amid tensions between India and China along the LAC in Ladakh.

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