BJP refuses to call off rallies : says 'will hold rallies, follow covid norms’

The BJP government has refused to call of rallies amid this crucial election season and added that they’ll follow covid norms to contain the outspread. On the other hand the Congress along with other left parties lead the way as Rahul Gandhi cancels his Bengal rally and urges other neta’s to follow. BJP leader Joy Mazumdar, comments on this move by Congress and says that it wouldn’t make a difference whether Rahul Gandhi takes 2 or 4 rallies or cancels them all the way given their marginal political force in West Bengal. He further goes on to say that this is just an attempt of a loosing party to pull down a probable winning party referring to BJP and TMC as the possible chair bearers. This was after the death of a party neta that Rahul Gandhi took a step back and CPM supported INC's decision.