BJP President Amit Shah to spell out victory mantra for 2019 elections

The Uttar Pradesh BJP wants to felicitate Shah on May 2 after the party's thumping win in the Assembly elections, but the BJP chief will be busy imparting a 'victory mantra' for the 2019 polls at a two-day executive meeting, top sources said.

Amit Shah has largely been accepted as the undisputed architect of BJP's spectacular success in UP, the recent assembly polls that the party swept being a re-run of the 2014 Parliamentary polls.

On May 2, the party president, who is fast assuming a legendary status among workers will be felicitated by the state executive.

But, as always, Shah will not be in Lucknow for gathering accolades for his achievement. Top sources said the national president would be attending the valedictory session of the two-day state executive meeting for imparting yet another 'victory mantra', this time for the 2019 general elections.


The party is aware of the grim side of the stupendous electoral runs that it had all across the country in 2014, especially in UP where the final count of 73 out of 80 stunned even the blind supporters of the saffron outfit. With rumours of a possible 'Mahagathbandhan' or 'Grand Alliance' on the lines of Bihar polls which the BJP had lost despite being billed as the favourite running riot of late, the party wants to consolidate its hold. With Mulayam and Mayawati joining forces, things could turn real hot for the party in power.

"Party president Amit Shah will be in UP for the first time on an official trip. We shall be felicitating him for leading the charge from the front in UP and strategising to dislodge the SP government," said UP BJP spokesperson Chandra Mohan.

"Training camps will be held in six regions by state functionaries, including heads of kshetriya samitis, districts heads and MLAs. We have to carry the message of Yogi-Modi to people. Cadre needs to be trained for coping up with the changed role (of BJP)," Mohan said.

While Mohan said the core-ideology and working-ideology would be taught to the cadre - 'Riti-Niti', the indoctrinating exercise is expected to have such issues as the Ayodhya Ram Temple at the centre. The politically active region of Awadh, that also has a huge Muslim population, would be having its training exercise in Ayodhya.