BJP outspent all else on digital ads; on Twitter, Congress spent the most

Karishma Mehrotra
BJP president Amit Shah at parliament house in New Delhi. (Express Photo by Anil Sharma)

Final data on digital ad spends on public company portals show how different parties prioritised different platforms during the election campaign. So, while the BJP outspent all parties on Google and Facebook, the Congress spent nine times as much as the BJP on Twitter.

Top Facebook spenders were the pages BJP (Rs 4.3 crore), INC (Rs 1.8 crore), My First Vote For Modi (Rs 1.17 crore), and Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat (Rs 1.15 crore). Another set of ads for Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat (Rs 1 crore) were removed because they ran without a disclaimer.
The top Google advertisers were the BJP (Rs 17.1 crore), DMK (Rs 4.1 crore), Congress (Rs 2.7 crore), YSRCP (Rs 2.3 crore), and Auburn Digital Solutions, which gave pro-AAP ads (Rs 2.18 crore).

On Twitter, the Congress spent Rs 9.4 lakh, while the BJP spent only Rs 1.5 lakh.

Since February 19, total political digital advertising on Google for nearly 14,900 ads was a little over Rs 27 crore. Facebook spending amounted to Rs 27.6 crore for roughly 1 lakh ads.

The southern states saw some of the highest spending on digital ads. On Google, Andhra Pradesh saw Rs 5.2 crore worth of ads, followed by Tamil Nadu (Rs 4.4 crore), Delhi (Rs 2.8 crore), and Telangana (Rs 2 crore).

Out of the roughly 40 BJP Google ads seen by over 10 million people, the most viewed was a video titled Ensuring dignity of the poor! that cost more than Rs 2.5 lakh. Only four YSRCP videos were viewed more than this BJP ad, according to the portal.