BJP neta blows 'shankh' to cure covid; spreads holy smoke to help people

In the era of COVID-19, Meerut now has the conch sound and the smoke of incense to eradicate the corona infection where scientists from the country and abroad are working on developing a permanent cure. In the slum, a BJP leader from Meerut recited Hanuman Chalisa and smoked havan smoke. The sound of the shellfish is also said to stop the virus from spreading in the atmosphere. Gopal Sharma, a BJP chief, has gone viral on social media for roaming around in the slum with incense smoke. Meerut is the location of this video. Where BJP chief Gopal Sharma is seen roaming through a smoke slum on a rickshaw cart with a havan kund. He also claims that by blowing conch shells, he can stop viruses from spreading in the air.