BJP Municipality Tweet Passes off Canadian Streets as Delhi

The official Twitter handle of BJP Delhi did a blunder of praising the South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

They posted a photo from Richmond City of Canada, and misrepresented it as a Delhi street in a tweet which says that the BJP Municipal corporation “replaced 2 lakh Sodium Street Lights with LED lights”.

The website of the Municipality of the District of Shelburne has the similar photo as well.

Although some Twitter users have dutifully pointed out the botch up, municipality officials haven’t responded to the photo yet.

The BJP has had a long history with photoshopped images, and almost every time, it was caught red-handed.

In its election manifesto in Varanasi, several posters showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a large crowd. We can't tell exactly how large the crowd was since people's images were clearly copy-pasted.

During the Chennai floods of 2015, PIB enthusiastically put up a heavily photoshopped image of PM Modi looking at a flooded city from his plane.

Modi fans walked the extra mile to spread devotion of the ‘chaiwala’ PM with images that showed Modi doing a menial job.

Some BJP leaders also seem to be unable to tell real photos from fake ones.

So what if it’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph shot by Joe Rosenthal that became a symbol of the American victory over the island of Iwo Jima in the Indian Ocean.

It was reduced to a joke on The Newshour Debate with Arnab Goswami when BJP’s National Spokesperson Sambit Patra patriotically held up a photoshopped version of the iconic photograph with the Indian tricolour, instead of the American ‘star-spangled banner’, and said ‘Look at our Indian soldiers”.