BJP MP Saumitra Khan's wife Sujata Mondal Khan joins Trinamool Congress

Sujata Mondal Khan, wife of BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) MP from Bishnupur Saumitra Khan, joins Trinamool Congress on Monday and claims that her husband will also come back when the time is right. Sujata Mondal Khan was instrumental in her husband's victory in the Lok Sabha elections of 2019.

Saumitra Khan was previously a part of Trinamool Congress but later on he left TMC and joined BJP instead. There were multiple cases against him due to which he could not carry out campaigns even in Bishnupur and thats when his wife stepped in. Now, in a dramatic turn of events, Sujata Mondal has now entered the Trinamool Congress Bhavan. She was seen holding a flag of the party. Her reason for joining TMC was "Aatmasammaan". She alleged that other learders were getting more recognition than her.