BJP is Mohammad Ghori, whom we will uproot from state: Saamna

Mumbai: The Shiv Sena continued its veiled attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) through its party mouthpiece Saamna on Tuesday. In a hard-hitting editorial, the Sena said it would uproot the BJP from Maharashtra, since it had dared to challenge the Sena.

The editorial likened the BJP to the 13th century Mughal invader, Mohammad Ghori, who killed Prithviraj Chauhan, king of the Chahamana dynasty in north-west India. Ghori betrayed Chauhan even though the latter had spared his life.

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“Mohammad Ghori fought many battles against Prithviraj Chauhan, but the legendary king did not kill him. Ghori invaded Chahamana territory twice.

The first time he was defeated by Chauhan, but in the second battle of Tarain, Ghori killed Prithviraj. In fact, the Sena has spared such people in Maharashtra, who are now trying to backstab us,” read the article.

The edit also claimed, the leaders of the BJP were immature and they had been able to form the government in Maharashtra only with the Sena’s support.

“It is the beginning of the end of the politics of arrogance in Maharashtra. We will uproot the BJP one day. The heads of the party today were children when our party supported them in forming form the National Democratic Alliance (NDA),” said the article.

Furthermore, the editorial lashed out at the Union minister of parliamentary affairs, Pralhad Joshi for moving Sena MPs to the opposition benches in both, the Lok and Rajya Sabha.

Joshi had earlier stated, the seats were changed because Sena’s Arvind Sawant had resigned as Union minister for heavy industries. The party has been talking with the Congress and the NCP to form an alliance govt in Maharashtra.

“There was no meeting of the NDA alliance parties and no paperwork stating the official exit of the Sena from the NDA. Yet our seats were changed. Who was authorised to take such calls?” the editorial questioned.

The editorial also claimed, the other constituents of the NDA were informed before the Sena was shown the door on Saturday.